2020 Farmers & Vendors

CN Smith Farm Our Farm Consists of 119 acres which includes PYO Apple, Peach, Nectarine and Plum Orchards. PYO Blueberry, Strawberry and Pumpkin fields, as well as, a Garden Center, Farm Store and a viewing zoo. We grow a large variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and annual and perennial plants which are available at our Farm Store.

Wards Berry Farm is a family farm located in Sharon, MA.  Brothers Jim & Bob Ward have run the farm since 1982 offering the finest quality fresh picked fruits and veggies.

Hillside Harvest is a Caribbean-American inspired, gourmet sauce company, specializing in crafting deliciously dynamic flavors from only a few simple ingredients. At Hillside Harvest our goal is to provide you with flavor-forward sauces that surprise and delight your taste buds and promote exciting new ways to enjoy your favorite dishes.

Artis Winery handcrafts small lot premium wines on the South Shore of Massachusetts. We select grapes grown locally and on the West Coast to produce distinctive wines each vintage.

Lara’s Cuisine Lara’s Cuisine products are made exclusively with fresh and natural ingredients, with no preservatives, no artificial colors and no trans fat to give you the best and healthiest tasting experience.

Mao’s Microgreens grows a variety of flavorful, high quality microgreens. Some examples are pea shoots, sunflower, and daikon radish. Mao also loves to add some Vietnamese culture into her food. She uses these microgreens in her Vietnamese Spring Rolls that are offered in Fruit Spring Roll, Avocado Spring Roll, and Shrimp Spring Roll which all use a non-GMO gluten free rice paper. Mao also offers gluten free Fried Rice, Chicken Egg Rolls, Vegetarian Egg Rolls, Shrimp Egg Rolls and Crab Rangoons! There is plenty to enjoy!

Hillside Harvest is a Caribbean-American inspired, gourmet sauce company, specializing in crafting deliciously dynamic flavors from only a few simple ingredients. At Hillside Harvest, our goal is to provide you with flavor-forward sauces that surprise and delight your taste buds and promote exciting new ways to enjoy your favorite dishes.

DaSilva Farm is a family-based farm that delivers the highest quality products raised with honesty and transparency through sustainable practices. We want our community to feel confident they are consuming a product that they and their families can feel good eating.  Pasture-raised meats are higher in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids CLA and ALA. It is also higher in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, riboflavin and thiamin. Additionally, it is high in minerals, calcium, magnesium and potassium.  They also offer a CSA program as well.

To Dine For offers unique Mediterranean foods. Lebanese and Greek owners Paula Cofman and Rafca Cardoos present a vast array of Middle Eastern and Greek Cuisines.  All authentic all delicious to compliment the other market offerings.

Zserbó is a unique online bakery. We offer customers exquisite bakery products with a Hungarian and Caribbean influence.  We focus on quality and consistency from start to finish. We ship nationwide and can deliver special orders on the South Shore.

Bradford Farmhouse Toffee Locally handmade small batch toffee and caramels.

Chrissy’s Crumble Check out our assortment of delicious vegan and gluten free granolas, cookies, savory crackers, energy bites, donuts, muffins, raw and baked cakes. We make everything using quality plant-based ingredients mildly sweetened with local Maple Syrup And organic coconut sugar — all blended together with love and care. All our products are free of dairy, eggs, grains, oats, soy, and sulfates.  Granola, cookies, crackers, energy bites, donuts, cakes, fruit crisp, roasted nuts and seeds, nut butters.

The Hale Bone Broth is a small batch beef broth made with 100% grass fed and finished beef bones. We use all organic herbs and vegetables to make our broth delicious for sipping alone or to use as a meal starter.

Not Your Average Salsa Delicious salsas and spreads from the best plant-based ingredients available. We believe in organic, non-GMO ingredients sourced from local growers whenever possible. Every item we make is vegan.

Tiny Forest Soap Company located in Middleboro, MA. offers hand crafted artisan soaps, salves and bath products incorporating home grown, foraged and locally sourced ingredients.

Kiss Flower Farm Kiss Flower Farm is a BnB and backyard farm featuring egg laying hens, vegetable and herb gardens, and specialty foods. Passionate about food that is fresh and delicious, we create over 30 flavors of homemade jams, weekly fresh soups, pasta sauces and fresh fruit curds using organic/local ingredients, many grown right on the farm! Visit our Little Kiss Country Store in Norwell, shop online, subscribe to our weekly newsletter, follow us @kissflowerfarm or see us at your local farmers market!

Hippy Pilgrim is best known for its line of fresh raw garlic salts in 11 mouthwatering flavors! Also makers of other specialty seasonings including a coffee rub, pure vanilla sugar and dipping oil seasoning. Preview our selection online at www.hippypilgrim.com

Donde Thiago specializes in stuffed arepas, corn-based flatbreads typical of Colombia.  Their arepas are handmade daily and filled with a variety of vegetables, meats, cheeses, fruits, and homemade sauces. They strive to use as many local and organic products as possible in showcasing South and North American flavors. In an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, all of their take-out containers are compostable and BPI (Biodegradables Product Institute) Certified.  Look for them every week at the market.

Grounds Roots Coffee Roasting Company is a family owned and operated coffee roasting business located in Marshfield, Massachusetts.  We are very passionate about discovering the world’s finest and most exciting coffees each season, roasting them to perfection and delivering fresh to customers. We believe that a truly great coffee should be roasted to highlight its inherent quality without imparting overwhelming roast. We are a micro roaster purchasing organic or the finest coffees of the world to assure that farmers, their children, and the watersheds they drink from and plant crops on are kept free of dangerous pesticides. Each bag of Ground Roots coffee is roasted to assure peak freshness. Cheers!

D’s Lectables specializes in creating the cookies and goodies to fit any diet style choice including old fashioned wheat, gluten-free, vegan, and refined sugar-free.  With over 110 different flavors of cookies, there is something for everyone. But if cookies aren’t your thing we also offer brownies, coffee cake, granola bars, scones, and other treats.

Great Harvest Bread has become a staple in the market with their freshly baked breads, fruit squares, cinnamon rolls, cookies and more.  Try them out one time and you’ll be back every week for more..

Rocky Neck Fish Company We pride ourselves on being a local, fresh seafood retailer in the Greater Boston area. We’ve built our reputation by consistently offering top quality, hand selected seafood at competitive prices. Our success is grounded in our uncompromising commitment to providing our customers top product with the highest degree of service.

Ackermann Maple Farm offers their sweet, organic maple syrup, candies and maple cream straight from the generous maple trees in Vermont. Ian and Caitlin both grew up in Cabot, Vermont, amongst dairy farmers and close to the renowned cheese company. In late 2012, Ian and Caitlin purchased the 26.5 acres that would become Ackermann Maple Farm and constructed their business. The following winter they bought another 9 acres that abutted their previous land to grow their sugaring business and build their home. In 2016, they bought 3,400 more taps on 41 acres, bringing their total up to 6,400 taps and 76 acres. The tapping, sap collection, boiling, filtering, bottling, shipping, and ensuring the finest quality is all done by Ian and Caitlin. Keep an eye out for them at your local farmer’s market in Massachusetts and Florida.

CASBA Catering Casba is a Mediterranean catering business. We specialize in baked goods, appetizers, dips, and pre-made meals. All of our foods are made with local farm-grown products. In addition to selling baked goods and pre-made foods at the Braintree Farmers Market, we also make meals to order for customers that can be delivered or picked up at the farmers market. We use the “Market 2Day” app for preorders, please reach out if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to seeing you at the Braintree Farmers Market!

Oake Knoll Farms Oake Knoll Farms is the result of consolidating OKA Real Milk and Foxboro Cheese Co. in 2019. We combine best management practices with sustainable agriculture to provide the community with high quality milk, cheese and meat from our grass-fed A2 Ayrshire cows. Please check out our online store www.oakeknollfarms.com

Fraulein’s Bakery We create German & European pastries, strudels, tarts, cakes & cookies with organic, non-GMO ingredients, sourced locally, whenever possible.

Healthy Home and Heart At Healthy Home and Heart nature is our muse. We make our own herbal infused oils to create our skincare & salves, we do this by hand in time honored traditions. Although natural skincare is currently a trendy business venture, committing to keeping our products organic and herbal is unique. Most of our raw materials are food grade, lower the chance of sensitivities due to pesticides and herbicides, and set us apart. We are known for high quality products in made in small batches emphasizing quality over quantity. We use process instead of chemicals to stabilize and achieve the incredible textures we are known for.  Organic Herbal skincare, healing salves, tinctures & balms.

Marvin’s Gardens 1/4 acre cut flower farm in Bridgewater offering unique freshly cut flower bouquets specializing in Lisianthus and Dahlias grown organically and sustainably.

Queen Bee Honey Products Know exactly where your All Natural products are created and manufactured. Here it is, a 120 acre organic farm located in Pembroke, Massachusetts. We keep out own honey bees and utilize all the bees materials to create our own unique, all natural products including Infused Honeys, Bee Pollen, Beeswax Lipbalms, Beeswax Candles, Lotions, Repellents, Healing Products, Propolis, Candy, Lemonade and other creations made with honey.  LOCAL HONEY from Pembroke, MA.  Local Honey Products for Healthy Skin, Body and Mind.  BEE SMOOTH & BEE HEALTHY.  RAW honey is the most incredible food on this planet EARTH.  Queen Bee: “From the Kitchen cabinet to the Medicine Cabinet”

Townie Frozen Desserts Vegan, Non-Dairy, Allergy Friendly, Delicious Ice Creams, Sorbets, and Toppings.

Reece’s Homemade Doggie Treats Homemade, all-natural, grain-free dog treats.

Hearth Artisan Bread is baked with the highest quality ingredients, including our own proprietary natural levain (starter). It is part of our ongoing commitment to our customers to provide high quality bread containing healthy, unprocessed ingredients. We offer a variety of innovative, hand-crafted breads, as well as create customized breads for many top chefs in and around Boston, MA.

Community Tent hosted by the Braintree Farmers Market will be at the market every week to provide a platform for local non-profit organizations to connect with the community.  If your group is interested in joining us please contact us at food@braintreefarmersmarket.org.  Unfortunately the Community Tent will be on hold until further notice due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. 

Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) will have a tent at the market every week and will be sponsoring our music throughout the season.  They will also be available to answer any questions about their BEGREEN program along with advice on their Energy-Saving Programs.   BELD provides market visitors with complimentary cold drinking water cooled by solar energy-check it out!  BELD donated the large 20′ x 40′ tent to the Braintree Farmers Market that you’ll see at some of our special events.  THANK YOU BELD!

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