2023 Farmers and Vendors

CN Smith Farm  Our Farm Consists of 119 acres which includes PYO Apple, Peach, Nectarine and Plum Orchards. PYO Blueberry, Strawberry and Pumpkin fields, as well as, a Garden Center, Farm Store and a viewing zoo. We grow a large variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and annual and perennial plants which are available at our Farm Store.

Wards Berry Farm is a family farm located in Sharon, MA.  Brothers Jim & Bob Ward have run the farm since 1982 offering the finest quality fresh picked fruits and veggies.

Aeonian Farm is a hand-tended microfarm in Westport, MA established in 2020. We produce nutritive, health-giving produce by utilizing holistic practices grounded in responsible land stewardship and the cumulative enrichment of the soil. Our produce is grown in balanced, minimally disturbed soils untouched by chemical applications or artificial fertilizers. Because our vegetables are hand tended, we’re able to offer a product of the utmost quality.

Lady Sunshine Coffee provides quality coffee and beverages to locations and special events throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. You’ll find us in our signature 1984 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon equipped with our commercial espresso machine, coffee brewer, and delightful teas, cocoas and snacks.

Maple and Thyme Granola Seasonally inspired, small batch granola made by hand in Canton, Massachusetts.

DaSilva Farm  is a small family farm in Rehoboth, MA. We raise animals out on pasture that are free range and rotational grazed using regenerative agricultural practices. Our poultry are fed a non-GMO feed that is free from pesticides and GMOs. We raise food that you and your family can feel good eating.

Midnight Our Seafood Cape Cod fishing family offering Fresh Seafood from Our Boats To Your Table.  Delicious Fresh Sea Scallops – Mussels – Clams & Wellfleet Oysters

Bradford Farmhouse Toffee Locally made small batch toffee, caramels, sauce and sweets!

The Hale Bone Broth is a small batch artisanal broth that is made with 100% grass fed and finished beef bones. We use all organic herbs and vegetables along with a locally sourced spring water to give you a great tasting broth that can be sipped like a tea or used to cook with.

Blisspoint Meadery makes alcohol from honey. We craft delicious adult beverages from honey, fruit, herbs, and spices. Then…we get to share it with people!

Mead is the oldest known fermented beverage, yet our meads are modern and refined for the varied palates of the craft beverage era. We have over 40 unique products available, from bubbly to still, dry to sweet, light and refreshing to rich and complex, and every one of them delicious! We sell our meads direct to consumer through local tastings, local community farmers markets, and online sales for shipping and local pickup.

At Blisspoint Meadery we are in constant pursuit of the perfect beverage, searching for that blisspoint, the perfect combination of flavors in the perfect proportions, to put the mouth and mind in a state where it cannot imagine anything better in that moment. Your blisspoint is different from your friend’s blisspoint, and your blisspoint may change day to day, moment to moment, depending on the weather, what you had to eat that day, or your general mood. The blisspoint is a moving target, difficult to pin down, but worth the pursuit. At Blisspoint Meadery, we want to help you find your beverage blisspoint, over and over again …

Not Your Average Salsa Small batch salsas and spread made with the finest, locally sourced ingredients. Always delicious, and always 100% plant-based vegan.

The Sweet Spirit All natural specialty desserts made with Whole Milk Yogurt, flavored with variety fruit and served in popular forms like Parfaits, Cannoli Kits, Probiotic Smoothies, etc.

Hippy Pilgrim is best known for our extensive line of farm to table garlic salts and specialty seasonings including vanilla bean sugars, vanilla extract, rubs, dipping oil seasonings and a full line of salt free seasonings and marinade starters. With Hippy Pilgrim you’re a pinch away from gourmet!

Donde Thiago Colombian kitchen specializing in authentic arepas and empanadas and incorporating locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The entire menu is always naturally gluten-free.

Joe Beaulieau Butcher Shop field raised Beef no antibiotics or hormones dry aged, vacuumed sealed USDA inspected.

Ackermann Maple Farm offers their sweet, organic maple syrup, candies and maple cream straight from the generous maple trees in Vermont. Ian and Caitlin both grew up in Cabot, Vermont, amongst dairy farmers and close to the renowned cheese company. In late 2012, Ian and Caitlin purchased the 26.5 acres that would become Ackermann Maple Farm and constructed their business. The following winter they bought another 9 acres that abutted their previous land to grow their sugaring business and build their home. In 2016, they bought 3,400 more taps on 41 acres, bringing their total up to 6,400 taps and 76 acres. The tapping, sap collection, boiling, filtering, bottling, shipping, and ensuring the finest quality is all done by Ian and Caitlin. Purchase their maple syrup at the Market Manager’s Tent.

CASBA Foods And Pastries is run by certified experienced chef, Fatiha Soufan and husband. CASBA offers packaged homemade meals, dips, preserved olives, lemon from the Mediterranean regions, middle eastern: Lebanon, North African: Morocco.

Fraulein’s Bakery We create German & European pastries, strudels, tarts, cakes & cookies with organic, non-GMO ingredients, sourced locally, whenever possible.

Healthy Home and Heart At Healthy Home and Heart nature is our muse. We make our own herbal infused oils to create our skincare & salves, we do this by hand in time honored traditions. We are known for high quality organic products made in small batches emphasizing quality over quantity.

Top Shelf Cookies With a broad selection of unique, delicious cookies, Heather launched Top Shelf Cookies in 2014. What started as a passion became a calling and Boston’s Craft Cookie company was now a reality. Using high quality, often unexpected ingredients, a creative spark for combining flavors, and meticulously crafted recipes, Heather creates cookies that aren’t just one of a kind, they’re also pretty damn tasty. And hey, if she can work in a reference to the city she loves while she’s doing it, all the better.

Marvin’s Gardens is a small flower farm located in Halifax, MA offering gorgeous seasonal blooms grown using organic practices.

Queen Bee Honey Products All Natural Honey Products for Healthy Skin, Body and Mind.
Local Honey from Pembroke MA. Organic Infused Artisan Honey’s, honey like you have never tasted before. Bee Pollen, Propolis Tincture, Honey Lemonade, Beeswax lip balms, Skin and Body Lotions made with beeswax and honey, Insect Repellents, Bees wax Candles, Honey Candy and more. Bee Smooth and Bee Healthy.

Braintree Electric Light Department (BELD) will have a tent at the market every week and will be sponsoring our music throughout the season.  They will also be available to answer any questions about their BEGREEN program along with advice on their Energy-Saving Programs.   BELD provides market visitors with complimentary cold drinking water cooled by solar energy-check it out!  BELD donated the large 20′ x 40′ tent to the Braintree Farmers Market that you’ll see at some of our special events.  THANK YOU BELD!

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