Market Moolah/HIP/SNAP

Enjoy the convenience of shopping with our own market currency which you can purchase with a credit/debit or EBT/SNAP card at the Market Manager Tent.  Market Moolah tokens can be used to purchase goods at the market without having to use cash or your credit/debit/EBT card with each individual vendor.

The Braintree Farmers Market has obtained a permit from the United States Department of Agriculture to participate in the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program commonly referred to as SNAP. This program administered by Food Nutrition Services will allow individuals participating in the SNAP program the convenience of purchasing locally grown produce and certain products from our vendors. Participants will be able to swipe their SNAP card though a machine and exchange credits for coins which will be accepted by vendors participating in the program. This machine will also accept debit or credit cards thus allowing any visitor to the market the option to purchase coins to make purchases. The coins are referred to as Market Moolah.

The Braintree Farmers Market  supports the Healthy Incentive Program.  HIP is a program that can help you buy more locally grown fruits and vegetables. When you buy fruits and vegetables with SNAP/Food Stamps at participating farmers markets, mobile markets, farm stands or Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm share programs, you will earn extra money on your SNAP/EBT card.

Would you like sponsor our SNAP/EBT matching token program?  For any amount, we will mention your name on our website, facebook and the market.   What a great way to help our community and help provide healthy market foods for everyone.  For more information on becoming a sponsor please contact us at  Thanks to everyone for supporting the Braintree Farmers Market.

Information about the program is available during market hours at the Market Manager / Market Moolah Tent.

Braintree Farmers Market Moolah

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